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Quick Tips

The system opens to all users on June 2nd. Come join us in Union Square to celebrate! 11 am - 3 pm: learn urban biking skills, get fitted for a free helmet (limited quantities available), music, food and more!

Quick Stats

Hot and sunny day.

5 pm Round-Up

Trips 5 pm - 5 pm current day: 9338
Trips since launch: 40524

Avg Duration (current day): 16 min, 15 sec
Miles traveled since launch: 118780 miles

Most popular starting stations
8 Avenue and W 31 Street: 67
E 17 Street and Broadway: 63
6 Avenue & W 33 Street: 62

Most popular ending stations
E 17 Street and Broadway: 78
8 Avenue and W 31 Street: 57
Murray St & West St: 54

Annual Members: 25276 total Annual Members

Starting June 2nd anyone will be able to walk up to a Citi Bike station kiosk and purchase a 24-Hour or 7-Day Access Pass. We’ve included instructions below or download a flyer with more visuals. Or stop by the Celebrate Citi Bike event in Union Square on Sunday from 11-3 pm to talk to a Citi Bike Ambassadors, ask questions and take part in fun activities.

You can purchase a 24-Hour or 7-Day Pass at any Citi Bike station kiosk with your credit or debit card. Take as many short trips (<30 min) as you want for 24-hours or 7-days. Trips over 30 minutes incur overtime fees.

At the kiosk choose ‘Get a Bike’ on the screen and follow instructions. Wait for your receipt and walk to any dock with an available bike.

At the dock, refer to your receipt for your 5-digit ride code. You have five minutes to enter the code into the dock’s keypad to release a bike.

Ride again. Every time you do, you’ll need a new ride code. At any station kiosk, press Request a New Ride Code, swipe your credit card to identify yourself and get a new ride code. You won’t be charged again.

Quick Stats

From what we’ve been observing here’s a quick tip and two reminders.

  • The bikes have a built in bell under the left handlebar, twist it to make yourself heard.
  • If you’re an Annual Member, no need to stop at the kiosk, just walk up to any dock with a bike, dip your member key, wait for the green light and go.
  • Having a hard time undocking? Try lifting the bike by the seat first, and gliding the bike out that way.

Quick Stats

Hot and sunny day.

5 pm Round-Up

Trips 5 pm - 5 pm current day:10099
Trips since launch: 30988

Avg Duration (current day): 17 min, 43 sec
Miles traveled since launch: 85585 miles

Most popular starting stations
8 Avenue and W 31 Street: 76
Broadway & W 57 St: 67
W 41 St and 8 Ave: 63

Most popular ending stations
W 21 St & 6 Ave: 80
Old Slip and Front Street: 60
W Houston St & Hudson St: 59

Annual Members: 23749 total Annual Members

Quick Stats

Foggy morning lead to a hot and humid afternoon.

5 pm Round-Up

Trips 5 pm - 5 pm current day:7,573
Trips since launch: 20,551

Avg Duration (current day): 14 min 6 sec
Miles traveled since launch: 57,597 miles

Most popular starting stations
Broadway & W 57 St: 97
8 Ave. and W 31 St: 78
Christopher & Greenwich St: 58

Most popular ending stations
E 17 Street and Broadway: 87
Broadway & W 57 St.: 81
Broadway & W 24 St.: 72

Annual Members: 21300 total Annual Members

Quick Tips

Based on what we’ve observed so far here’s a tip for new users: If you don’t see a green light when you dock, lift the bike by the seat and give if a tug to make sure it is secure and that your trip has closed.

Quick Stats

Sunny morning, rainy afternoon. Great day for a Citi Bike / MTA combo!

5 pm Round-Up

Trips since launch: 12907

Avg Duration (current day): 14.22 minutes
Miles traveled since launch: 32,265 miles

Most popular starting stations
8 Avenue and W 31 Street: 50
E 17 Street and Broadway: 48
Christopher & Greenwich St: 39

Most popular ending stations
E 17 Street and Broadway: 52
Pershing Square N: 41
Pershing Square S: 40

Annual Members: 19389 total Annual Members

Quick Tips

From what we saw on the streets today, these three tips are important for new Citi Bike members to understand, help us spread the word.

  1. Annual members can use their key to undock a bike at any docking point, no need to use the kiosk
  2. Insert your key, see the yellow light, remove your key, wait for the green light and then gently lift the bike by the seat to undock
  3. Redock the bike firmly to ensure it is secure and that your trip is closed

Annual members can unlock a bike by inserting their key into the docking point, no need to use the kiosk. Photo: Dmitry Gudkov/#BikeNYC

Quick Stats

Trips on 5/27 as of 5 pm: 6050

Avg Duration: 20.48 minutes
Miles traveled: 13,768 miles

Most popular starting stations
E 17 St & Broadway: 113
Broadway & W 57: 109
Broadway & E 14 St: 98

Most popular ending stations
E 17 St & Broadway: 108
Broadway & W 57: 103
University Pl & E 14 St: 78

Annual Members: 772 new members, 16463 total Annual Members

The free Official Citi Bike app is now available for download for both iOS and Android devices!

The Citi Bike App is an ideal partner for Citi Bike riders, offering old hands and newbies an assortment of tools to help you make the most of New York City’s newest transportation option.

There’s an easy-to-read map, powered by Google that includes blue and white bike icons showing the location of Citi Bike’s stations, as well as their bike and dock availability. You’ll never have to wonder whether there’ll be a bike or a docking spot waiting for you.

The Citi Bike App has route finding covered too, offering up sensible point-to-point directions that take bike lanes, greenways and other infrastructure into account so you can find the smartest way to where you’re going.

Coming soon you’ll also be able to use the app to help find restaurants, coffee shops, events and more. Late this summer the app will incorporate content from The New York Times’s The Scoop app, with listings and recommendations of restaurants, coffee shops and destinations and events across Citi Bike’s service area.

Annual members will have one week of exclusive access before daily, weekly memberships start

Last weekend, tens of thousands of bike-curious New York City residents and visitors headed to Bike Expo New York to see the latest and greatest from local and national cycling companies.

Raleigh, Specialized, Fuji, Cannondale, Shimano, and many more massive brands put their newest and coolest on display, but the real star of the show was Citi Bike.

Over two days, thousands of people stopped by the Citi Bike booth to marvel, fondle and ogle the big blue bikes that are about to change the way people get around New York. Visitors asked questions, shared their experiences with similar systems in other cities, and praised the program.

More than 600 people took a Citi Bike for a test ride and scores signed up for memberships on the spot.

The following day, staffers and a few select riders took a handful of Citi Bikes for a rigorous road test: They pedaled all 40 miles of the Five Boro Bike Tour.

Though a few of the riders were totally tuckered out by the end, they reported that constant Citi Bike-related questions from the 32,000 other participants helped keep their mind off their exhaustion.

If you want to see a Citi Bike up close or take one for a short spin before the program launches late this month, there are a handful of demonstrations in the next few weeks. You can find a complete list with times and locations at the Events page.

And don’t forget about Citi Bike Street Skills classes, where you can brush up on your urban cycling skills before the big launch

Sure, Citi Bike can help New Yorkers get around town faster, but did you know that it was also good for the economy?

Earlier this week, DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan announced economic projections for the program. The first year of New York City’s new bike share system will generate $36 million in economic activity and create 170 new jobs, according to a New York City Economic Development Corporation analysis.

From bike mechanics, who keep the fleet in tip-top shape to station technicians to the friendly staff at our call center working to make sure every Citi Bike customers’ questions are answered anytime day or night, these new employees will receive competitive hourly wages and good benefits, while working to make travel around New York City easier and more fun.

And those hires are just the beginning. When the system expands from 6,000 bikes at 330 stations to 10,000 bikes at 600 stations, there will be a whole lot more opportunities and many millions more in economic activity generated.

Even better, the program is funded without any taxpayer subsidy, relying entirely on sponsorship from Citi Bank and MasterCard, as well as financing from the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group.

In addition to job creation, Citi Bike’s launch shows promise in enhancing the local economies of the neighborhoods it serves. DOT’s Measuring the Street report, issued last fall, documented the significant impact transit improvements and better street designs can have on real estate values, local economies and small businesses throughout the city.

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