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Citi Bike Day Two Recap

Quick Tips

Based on what we’ve observed so far here’s a tip for new users: If you don’t see a green light when you dock, lift the bike by the seat and give if a tug to make sure it is secure and that your trip has closed.

Quick Stats

Sunny morning, rainy afternoon. Great day for a Citi Bike / MTA combo!

5 pm Round-Up

Trips since launch: 12907

Avg Duration (current day): 14.22 minutes
Miles traveled since launch: 32,265 miles

Most popular starting stations
8 Avenue and W 31 Street: 50
E 17 Street and Broadway: 48
Christopher & Greenwich St: 39

Most popular ending stations
E 17 Street and Broadway: 52
Pershing Square N: 41
Pershing Square S: 40

Annual Members: 19389 total Annual Members