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Citi Bike Day Seven Recap

Quick Tips

Learn more about how to purchase a 24-hour or 7-day pass here.

And it can’t be said too many times. Please dock your bike firmly, wait for the green light to appear. If the light does not appear, lift your bike by the seat and give it a tug to make certain it is secure and that your trip has closed.

Quick Stats

Citi Bike opened for all users today. As of 5 pm over 2758 people had signed up for a 24-Hour Access Pass. We also had a record-breaking day in terms of trips. Nearly 15,000 trips in the past 24-hours.

5 pm Round-Up

Trips 5 pm - 5 pm current day: 14,933
Trips since launch: 65,803

Avg Duration (current day): 25 min 42 sec
Miles traveled since launch: 201,937 miles

Most popular starting stations
E 17 Street and Broadway: 240
West St & Chambers St: 231
West Thames Street: 187

Most popular ending stations
West St & Chambers St: 260
E 17 Street and Broadway: 250
West Thames Street: 204

Annual Members: 27,678 total Annual Members
24-hour passes purchased:2765
7-day passes purchased:182