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5 Million Trips!

Today Mayor Bloomberg and Transportation Commissioner Sadik-Khan announced that Citi Bike riders have taken over 5 million rides since Memorial Day. That’s more than the number of visitors to the Empire State Building last year, more in fact than the population of 28 states. That’s a lot of trips!

Our system has grown more rapidly in terms of ridership than any other bike share system in the nation. We have more trips on average each month than Barclay’s Cycle Hire in London, which is three years older and bigger than our system.

Our bikes get ridden on average 6x each day. That keeps our mechanics and re-balancing teams very, very busy.

We now have nearly 94,000 Annual Members, and nearly 340,000 people have accessed the system using our 24-hour and 7-day passes. In September these Citi Bike riders burned an average of 2.7 million calories each day. *based on assumed average of 40 calories per mile biked.