Pro Tip: Embrace the Cold

Citi Bike woke up to its first snowfall of the season today, with the sky a flurry of flakes whipping in every direction - sometimes at 30mph - and the city’s “real feel” dipping down to a chilly 16 degrees.

Welcome, old man winter. We’ve been expecting you!

To be clear, this does not mark the end of biking season. ‘Cause Citi Bike season is year-round, friends!

So, to help you bike comfortably through the cold, we’ll be sharing winter riding tips here over the coming weeks and months. Because if Minneapolis can see some of the highest bike commuting rates in the country (it does), by all means we can do it in NYC!

1. Keep Riding
Despite today’s sudden snowfall, temperatures tend to drop gradually throughout the fall and into the winter. Keep pedaling as the weather changes. Don’t stop now! If you keep riding (even only two or three times a week), the slight temperature changes from day to day won’t phase you much. Before you know it, you’ll be pedaling in an 11 degree windchill dreaming of balmy 40 degree days.

2. Mind Your Fingers and Toes
If you haven’t noticed already, the first place you’ll feel the cold when riding is in you fingers and toes. For short trips, a basic pair of gloves should do. Longer trips, especially on the windy Hudson River Greenway or over an East River bridge, might require something more. Consider a pair of windproof gloves or, even better, mittens, which keep your fingers together and toasty warm. Wool socks and solid footwear without vents (i.e. not running sneakers) will help keep your feet from icing over.

As NYC settles in for a long, cold winter, we’ll continue to offer tips to keep your Citi Bike trips warm and wonderful. So, until next time, keep pedaling!