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Citi Bike in the Snow

Many people have begun asking us, “what’s going to happen to the bikes during the winter?” The answer is—they’ll be available except in cases of extreme weather. A chilly 10 minute bike ride still beats the heck out of a frigid 30 minute walk, right?

If it’s your first winter riding, there are a few items that will help make it more enjoyable. A warm jacket, gloves, a warm scarf or turtleneck, thick socks (wool is nice) and perhaps a helmet liner (or just a thin hat that fits beneath your helmet) are enough for short trips on all but the coldest of days. Layers are great if you’re taking a longer trip or are prone to work up a sweat when you pedal.

In case of inclement weather, we may need to lock down or move bikes to protect our riders or to allow for snow removal efforts. We hope that these events will be rare. We plan to notify our members via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and SMS (text Citibike9 to 55155 for text alerts) if we do need to turn off the entire system or a large portion of it. So, choose which way you’d prefer to receive your Citi Bike weather-related updates and check in if the forecast calls for snow or other extreme conditions.