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Citi Bike Trip History Data

A few days ago we welcomed our 100,000th Annual Member and our 7 millionth trip was taken. Citi Bikers have taken nearly 1 million trips since January 1st despite the brutal cold and the slow start to spring. We know that soon the longer days and rising temperatures will bring forth not only leaves on the trees but even more bikes on the streets. So we thought it was a great time to release eight months of Citi Bike trip history data. The data shows how in less than one year Citi Bike has become an integral part of how New Yorkers get around.

We invite developers, engineers, statisticians, artists, academics and other members of the interested public to use this data for analysis, development, visualization and whatever else moves you.

The data includes:

  • Trip Duration (seconds)
  • Start Time and Date
  • Stop Time and Date
  • Start Station Name
  • End Station Name
  • Station ID
  • Station Lat/Long
  • Bike ID
  • User Type (Customer = 24-hour pass or 7-day pass user; Subscriber = Annual Member) Gender
  • Year of Birth

The data is available for download at on our System Data page. More information about this data set, other data we provide and additional resources for Citi Bike data is also available on that page.

We worked with researchers from the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation to help prepare this data for release and to begin to explore the stories hidden in the data.

Working with designers from linepointpath, the Rudin Center created a video that shows the ~75,000 Citi Bike trips taken on two weekdays, September 17th & 18th, 2013. You can see where Annual Members rode vs. people who used Citi Bike with a 24-hour or 7-day pass. You can see which neighborhoods are more popular at different times of day. And more. Watch in HD for the best effect.

Sarah M. Kaufman, Digital Manager & Assistant Adjunct Professor of Planning, at the NYU Rudin Center says, “The Citi Bike data release is a fantastic resource for understanding how New Yorkers use this growing mode of transportation. As we dive into the data, we are discovering fascinating snippets, such as where it’s clear that New Yorkers hopped off delayed subways and onto bikes, transferred from ferries, or attended events at Barclays Center. Citi Bike has become an important mode in New York’s diverse transportation landscape, both as a method of active transport and an essential connection to the transit network; we are eager to analyze this data to understand its role in New York-area mobility.”

We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to the many citizen data geeks that have been analyzing our data since launch, many of whom participated in MeetUps hosted by #betaNYC, OpenPlans, and the NYU Rudin Center.

“On a busy day, New Yorkers choose to get somewhere on a Citi Bike more than 30,000 times. When and where those rides start and end represent the minute-by-minute pulse of neighborhoods, showing how people get around throughout the day. Not that long ago, city planners relied on decade-old census data to make decisions. Now, anyone can use the data coming from Citi Bike to help illuminate the complex dynamics of travel, land use and more. This isn’t just a snapshot of a wildly popular new form of transit, it’s another step towards communities creating better cities together,” says Frank Hebbert, Director of Open Plans.

“BetaNYC applauds the release of Citi Bike usage data. With the release of this data, NYC’s technology, design, and data communities will get a chance to analyze usage patterns and build a better understanding of the largest public bike share system in North America. Additionally, NYC’s technology, design, and data communities will be able to grow their tool chest to improve Citi Bike’s usability. We hope this data helps all communities play a more active role as stakeholders in Citi Bike’s continued development and expansion,” says Noel Hidalgo of #BetaNYC

We invite you to share what you create using the Citi Bike data (apps, visualizations, etc.) via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #citibikedata. For the next four weeks we’ll pick our favorite each week and announce it on Twitter on Friday at noon. Favorites will receive a Citi Bike t-shirt and bragging rights.

We look forward to seeing what is developed using this new trove of data.

Press inquiries about the data? Contact: media@nycbicycleshare.com