St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The country’s largest decorated Gothic-style Catholic cathedral draws more than five million visitors a year.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral opened its doors in 1858. Throughout history, this NYC landmark has been considered a center of Catholic Life in America. In 2015, it underwent its most recent restoration – costing $175 million – to revive and repair original details. The majestic church can hold 3,000 people at one time, and offers seven masses each weekday, eight masses each Sunday and three each Saturday.

Visitors are intrigued by the art, architecture, music, history and mysteries. The Cathedral’s Pietà, sculpted by William Ordway Partridge, is three times larger than Michelangelo's Pietà in St. Peter’s, Rome. The stained glass windows were created by some of the most renowned artists of the time from Massachusettes, France and England. And the Archbishops of New York are buried in a crypt under the high altar.

The Christmas season is the busiest time of year, when millions flock to take part in St. Patrick’s holy celebrations and masses, to light candles and say prayers, to listen to the organ and choir music, to tour the cathedral or to simply experience the beauty.