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Citi Bike Day One Recap

Quick Tips

From what we saw on the streets today, these three tips are important for new Citi Bike members to understand, help us spread the word.

  1. Annual members can use their key to undock a bike at any docking point, no need to use the kiosk
  2. Insert your key, see the yellow light, remove your key, wait for the green light and then gently lift the bike by the seat to undock
  3. Redock the bike firmly to ensure it is secure and that your trip is closed

Annual members can unlock a bike by inserting their key into the docking point, no need to use the kiosk. Photo: Dmitry Gudkov/#BikeNYC

Quick Stats

Trips on 5/27 as of 5 pm: 6050

Avg Duration: 20.48 minutes
Miles traveled: 13,768 miles

Most popular starting stations
E 17 St & Broadway: 113
Broadway & W 57: 109
Broadway & E 14 St: 98

Most popular ending stations
E 17 St & Broadway: 108
Broadway & W 57: 103
University Pl & E 14 St: 78

Annual Members: 772 new members, 16463 total Annual Members