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Citi Bike Day Ten Recap

Quick Tips

Lots of folks are trying out Citi Bike 24-Hour and 7-Day passes. Help us spread the word: make sure you double check your ride code receipt against the code on the screen to make sure you have the right code to un-dock your bike. We’ve heard reports of folks just grabbing any old receipt and trying the codes, this just won’t work!

Quick Stats

Temps in the 70s and sunny. We had a record-breaking number of rides today!

5 pm Round-Up

Trips 5 pm - 5 pm current day: 16,396
Trips since launch: 106,497

Avg Duration (current day): 26 min
Miles traveled since launch: 316,334 miles (that’s further than the distance to the moon!)

Most popular starting stations
Broadway & W 57 St: 219
Broadway & W 24 St.: 205
Lafayette St & E 8 St: 193

Most popular ending stations
Broadway & W 57 St.: 266
E 17 Street and Broadway: 206
Broadway & W 24 St.: 195

Annual Members: 32,033 total Annual Members
24-hour passes purchased (5 pm - 5 pm): 2442
7-day passes purchased (5 pm - 5 pm): 280