Citi Bike App Version 12.9 Updates

Introducing Overages and Bike Angels points in ride history! The latest version of our app allows users to see their Overage Fees and Bike Angels points in their ride history.

Overage Fees:

On Version 12.9 of the Citi Bike app, all users now have the ability to see any overage fees they accrued by clicking on their ride history. An overage fee is charged when you keep a bike out longer than what is included in your pass or membership. An "additional usage fee" line will appear under ride details for each ride even if the fees are $0.

Bike Angel Points:

If you're a registered Bike Angel, you'll now be able to view the points you receive from each trip in your ride history on the Citi Bike app They will be displayed for all rides, underneath the additional usage fee line, even if 0 points were earned.

Additionally, users who are not Bike Angels can now sign up for the program directly on the Citi Bike App! Click on the blue box on the menu page for additional details.