App Updates: Group Ride & Bike Lane Categories 

Introducing Citi Bike App Version 12.4 featuring Group Rides and bike lane categories! The latest version of our app now allows for Group Rides for Citi Bike members in addition to new bike lane categories to identify what type of bike lanes are in our service area.

Group Rides:

If you're a Citi Bike member, you can now bring up to 4 friends to ride along. To access this feature, download the latest version of our app then select the Group Ride icon from your profile. You can purchase up to four 45-minute Single Trips on a classic bike, for just $3 each. If you want to upgrade to an electric bike, it will be an additional $2/ride.

  1. Tap the Group Ride icon, select the number of guests.
  2. Tap the station you want to rent from, then tap "Unlock Bikes" button and enter the first code given to you to unlock your own bike.
  3. Use the following Group Ride code for your guests to unlock their bikes - they will all use the same code!

Now you can invite your friends or family members to join you for a Citi Bike ride whenever you'd like!

Bike Lane Categories:

On the latest version of our App, you are able to see what type of bike lanes there are on the streets of NYC and Jersey City.

Bold line = Protected lane
Solid line = Dedicated lane
Dotted line = "Friendly" which includes sharrows