Another way for annual members to ride

Starting today, you can connect your Citi Bike® annual membership to your Lyft account.

That means you can unlock a Citi Bike using the Lyft app. With Lyft, you have more transportation options at your fingertips — whether you want to easily compare ways to get around or just want to simplify things with a single app. Each bike ride is included with your Citi Bike membership, up to 45 minutes.

Connect your membership:

  1. Download or open the latest version of the Lyft app for Apple or Android
  2. Open the menu and tap on your profile
  3. Tap the Bikeshare Account option under the Linked Accounts section
  4. Tap Citi Bike and enter your Citi Bike membership email and password
  5. Take a ride!

Already using the Citi Bike app?

You can continue to use the Citi Bike app (or key fob) to unlock your rides. No pressure to change your routine!

Lyft also offers Citi Bike Single Rides, starting at $3. With just two taps in the Lyft app, your friends can purchase their own Citi Bike Single Ride in their Lyft app and join you for the ride! We’re thrilled to make Citi Bike available to more New Yorkers and shift people onto sustainable, two-wheeled transit.

Renewing your Reduced Fare Bike Share membership?

To ride again after your initial 30-day membership expires, simply use the Lyft app on your mobile phone to unlock a bike at any station. You can also use the Citi Bike app or your key to unlock a bike. Any one of these methods will activate your next 30-day membership period for just $5.