Citi Bike Holiday Gridlock Pass

Save 25% on our 3 Day Pass with Promo Code GRIDLOCK, and use Citi Bike to navigate NYC during holiday gridlock.

The city has issued a Gridlock Alert for days in November and December when it will be the slowest for travel by car within Manhattan for the entire year. To help you navigate NYC quickly and get your shopping done without the hassle of gridlock, Citi Bike is offering 25% off our popular 3 Day Passes from November 21-28 and December 12-21! For only $18, you will be able to take unlimited 30-minute rides over a 3 day period.

25% off the 3 Day Pass is only available in the Citi Bike App using promo code GRIDLOCK. Download the Citi Bike app now to get ready to hop on a Citi Bike and pedal past the gridlock!

Download the Citi Bike App

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Your first 30 minutes are included in each ride
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Each additional 30 min is an extra $4