Bike Shop Reimbursement Info

Thank you for participating in Citi Bike’s helmet discount program, which has encouraged thousands of new Citi Bike members to purchase helmets at their local bike shops.

Four additional brands are extending $10 helmet discounts to Citi Bike members: Bell, Giro, Triple Eight, and Uvex.

Each new Annual Member of Citi Bike now receives a coupon good for $10 off one Bell, Bern, Bontrager, Giro, Nutcase, Triple Eight, or Uvex helmet purchased at any local bike shop in the five boroughs.

Members with old coupons (showing only the three original brands) ARE eligible for $10 off any of the seven brands now included in the program, provided the coupon has not expired.

Thank you, again, for extending this discount to your customers. Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.

For Reimbursement - At the End of Each Month

BELL AND GIRO: Attach a sales receipt that indicates the date, helmet model and retail price to the original coupon. Retain for future redemption. Your sales representative will collect and redeem coupons as a product credit towards a future order.

BERN: Photo or scan the receipt and coupon together.* Email to or mail to Bern Unlimited, Attention: Jen Thorn PO Box 1284, Duxbury, MA 02331 and a store credit will be issued.

BONTRAGER/TREK: Attach proof of purchase to each coupon and contact vendor representative for processing.

NUTCASE: Photo or scan receipt and coupon together.* Email to or mail to Nutcase, 2505 SE 11th Street, #212, Portland, OR 97202 Attn.: Orders.

TRIPLE EIGHT: Photo or scan receipt and coupon together.* Email to with NYC Bike Share and store name in the subject line.

UVEX: Photo or scan receipt and coupon together. Email to with NYC Bike Share and store name in the subject line or mail to: MaguraUSA, 724 W. Clem St., Olney, IL. 62450 Attn: NYC Bike Share.

*Please ensure that all photos or scanned images are clear and key number on coupon is legible.


About Expiration Dates For customers, coupons expire about 60 days after a Citi Bike member’s key arrives in the mail. For shops, requests for reimbursement must be submitted to manufacturers within 30 days of purchase.

About the Barcodes Each coupon includes one barcode for each brand of helmet – Bell, Bern, Bontrager, Giro, Nutcase,Triple Eight, and Uvex.

Using the barcodes in this coupon, identify each barcode in your POS system as an in-store product defined by manufacturer.

At the point of sale, scan the appropriate barcode on the coupon and take the coupon from the customer. Each coupon is good for one $10 discount.