Electric FAQs

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of 4,000 electric bikes over the coming months. Be on the lookout for the lightning bolt symbol both on our bikes and in the Citi Bike app. Get ready to boost your ride like never before.

Can you tell me about the bike?

The Citi Bike pedal-assist bikes are powered by a front-wheel pedal assist motor that allows you to ride up to 18 mph with an electric “boost”. These are different than traditional electric bikes with a throttle because Citi Bike pedal-assist bikes require pedaling to engage the motor.

How do I turn on the pedal-assist?

Turn on the pedal-assist by pressing the “power” button on the battery located on the bike’s frame. Make sure the bike is at a standstill before you press the power button, or else it won’t turn on. You'll see up to four green lights flash and then one steady green light that indicates power is on.

How fast can the pedal-assist bikes go?

The motor gives you a boost up to 18 mph. After 18 mph, the motor will cut out, but you can keep pedaling.

How can I check the battery level?

The battery level will be displayed in two places: on the bike by pressing the power button and in the Citi Bike app once the bike is docked at a station.

Can I ride in the bike lane?

Yes, our electric bikes can still be ridden in the bike lane.

How many electric bikes are available on the streets?

Throughout 2019, we’re rolling out 4,000 electric bikes allowing more people than ever before to supercharge their commutes, conquer hills and bridges and bike long distances with ease.

Does it cost extra?

When you upgrade your ride to an electric bike, it will be an additional $2/ride (or $0.50 for Reduced Fare Bike Share). Citi Bike is waiving this for all members until April 27th, 2019. For non-members who purchase a single ride, day pass or 3-day pass through the Citi Bike app and wish to upgrade their ride to an electric bike, it will be an additional $2/ride.

Why is it an additional $2/ride when I upgrade to an electric bike?

With a larger electric fleet comes expanded operations, and we will be making big investments to ensure that these electric bikes are charged and available for all riders. This helps us support the expansion.

Will I be charged for taking out a classic bike?

There are no changes for classic bikes - ride as you normally would!

How do I find an electric bike?

Riders can locate electric bikes by looking for the lightning bolt symbol on the bikes and in the Citi Bike app. You can rent them from any station where they are available by using your member bike key or entering a ride code purchased via the Citi Bike app. At this time, you upgrade to an electric bike ride at a Citi Bike kiosk. Bikes can be parked at any Citi Bike station in NYC.

How will extra time fees work with electric bikes?

Our standard extra time fees will apply to the electric bikes. An explanation of our extra time fees is available here.

How do I turn the pedal-assist off?

The pedal-assist will turn off automatically after two minutes of inactivity, so just dock and go as normal.

What if there are only electric bikes available at a station?

If there are only electric bikes remaining at a station, the additional $2/ride to upgrade is on us.

What if I'm a Reduced Fare Bike Share member?

Reduced Fare Bike Share members can upgrade to an electric bike for an additional $0.50/ride, which Citi Bike is waiving through April 27, 2019. More information on our Reduced Fare Bike Share program is available here.

What about L Train?

We’ll continue to provide free electric upgrades after April 27, 2019 for members who dock electric bikes at certain stations along the L train corridor (more on that soon).