Citi Bike Corporate Program | Citi Bike NYC

Corporate Program

Interested in enhancing the health and happiness of your employees? Our Corporate Program is perfect for you.

Citi Bike offers a convenient way to get around the city, and it makes commuting to work a lot more fun. It's also a healthy and green alternative to other modes of transportation.

Enroll as a Corporate Partner today, and choose whether you'd like to offer your employees fully subsidized or partially subsidized memberships.

Corporate Pricing

Only pay for the employees who sign up through your corporate account. Initial cost covers company's portion of the first 10 annual membership sign ups.

OptionsCompany PaysEmployee PaysTotal Cost Per MembershipInitial Cost
Full Subsidy$100 / membership$0$100$1,000
Partial Subsidy$60 / membership$60$120$600

Corporate Memberships include an unlimited number of 45-minute rides. The employees are responsible for any additional usage fees that are incurred – for example, if they keep a bike out for longer than 45 minutes at a time.

How It Works:

1. Enroll. Fill out the online form, and pick the plan that works best for your company. Then we’ll send you an invoice for your first 10 memberships.

2. Promote. We’ll provide you with everything you need to spread the word, including marketing collateral and your own password-protected registration page.

3. Manage. After the first 10 employees sign up you’ll be invoiced on a quarterly basis for additional sign ups. We’ll also send you a list of the names of employees who have joined your corporate Citi Bike program so you can confirm eligibility. Don’t worry! You’ll only pay for eligible employees who sign up for an account.

Enroll Now

Once you become a Corporate Partner we’d love to come to your office and meet your employees to sign them up in person. Email us at to take advantage of this partner perk!