Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway

Six miles of the greenway along the Brooklyn waterfront are already complete, making it a great place to bike. By the time it’s done, it will be a 14-mile-long landscaped route.

Although it’s still in development, you can use parts of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway now! The portions that are complete run along Kent Avenue, Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Columbia Street, and northern Van Brunt St.

We recommend starting your ride in Williamsburg, a fun and popular neighborhood:

  • Pick up a bike at Kent Ave & N 7th St (or another nearby station)

  • Ride South along Kent Ave, with views of the water and Manhattan to your right

  • Continue until Kent meets up with Flushing Ave

  • Turn right on Flushing Ave and continue until you hit Navy St

  • Turn right on Navy St and follow it as it curves to the left and turns into York St

You can drop your bike off at the Old Fulton St station if you'd like to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge or enjoy a pizza at the famous Grimaldi's. Or continue through Brooklyn Bridge Park for a longer ride.

See the Brooklyn Greenway Map for more info.