Prospect Park Loop

Brooklyn's Prospect Park features a picturesque 3.35 mile loop that runs along the interior perimeter. It’s always car-free and has a dedicated bike lane at all times.

Explore the 585 green acres on bike and see why millions flock to this park each year. From the zoo and the carousel to dozens of athletic facilities and Brooklyn’s only lake – you’re sure to enjoy this ride.

There are more than a few stations along the Western and Northern borders of the park. You can pick up a bike at any of these stations and enter the park wherever is most convenient. Here is one recommended route:

  • Grab a Citi Bike at the Grand Army Plaza & Plaza St West station.

  • Enter the park on West Drive, then bear right as you connect to Park Drive, the main loop that runs the perimeter of Prospect Park.

  • Ride south down the Drive, traveling along the west side of the park in a counterclockwise direction until you hit the southern border of the park.

  • Stay on the Drive, around Prospect Park Lake, continuing up the east side of the park.

  • Follow the Drive to the northernmost part of the Park, where you will complete your loop and can exit the park to return your bike.

The total distance is 3.35 miles and takes most people about 25-35 minutes on a Citi Bike (depending on how often they stop to sightsee along the way). Remember, the first 30 minutes of each ride are included in the day pass price, and if you want to keep your bike out for longer, it's just $4 for each additional 15 minutes. So take your time and enjoy the ride!