Using a Citi Bike Access Pass

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Whether you’re getting to know your own city or visiting New York for a few days or a few months, Citi Bike is a great way to unlock the city and make the most of your day. Citi Bike has two great short-term access options for people over the age of 16: a 24-hour and a 7-day pass. Either can be purchased at any of the 332 Citi Bike stations using any major credit or debit card.
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Both 24-hour and 7-Day passes grant you access to over 6000 bikes for an unlimited number of short trips within your access period (24 hours or 7 days). The first 30 minutes of any trip you take is free. Need to keep the bike a bit longer? No problem! You’ll just pay a small additional charge for extra time. This makes Citi Bike great for hopping from point to point as you visit different destinations, shops, parks, restaurants and cafés throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Ride, return and then ride again, as many times you want. Cover more ground than walking and see much, much more than you would on the subway.
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Want to take a 5 hour tour? You’re probably better off renting a bike from a local shop or rental company.
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At the Station

At any Citi Bike station kiosk choose “Get a Bike.”

Select one or two 24-Hour or 7-Day passes.

Confirm you are over 18 (or over 16 with a parent or guardian) and insert and then promptly remove your credit card.*

Follow the instructions on the screens and accept the user agreement.

The final screen will show you a unique 5-digit ride code, which is also printed on a receipt. This is what you need to release a bike.

Check the receipt in the tray against the screen to make sure you have the right one. Walk to any available bike and enter the ride code at the keypad next to the docking point.

Wait for the green light and then lift the bike by the seat to undock.

You have five minutes to do this before your ride code expires (you can always get a new one if this happens).

To return the bike, line up the triangle on the bike with the docking point and dock the bike firmly. Wait for the green light and lift the bike by the seat to ensure it is locked securely.
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The next time you want to take a bike (say you ride to a pizzeria, eat a slice, and then go to your next destination), simply press the "Request New Ride Code" button at the Citi Bike station kiosk, swipe your credit card (to ensure your pass is still active, you won't be charged), get a new ride code and go.

*Unlike some other countries, we do not have a chip in pin system so no need to leave your card in the reader and wait.

Where to Ride

Riding a bike in New York City can be fun and safe if you know the rules of the road and plan a comfortable route. New York City has over 365 miles of bike lanes, including many protected bike lanes (on-street lanes, separated from traffic) and greenways (off-street paths, completely car-free). Check out the New York City Cycling Map for more or pick up one for free at most bikes shops in NYC. Want to know more about biking in NYC? Download Bike Smart - The Official Guide to Cycling in New York City (available in multiple languages).

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