Citi Bike Membership

Annual Want more than 45 minutes per trip?
$155 / year +$2.50 +$9 +$9
$14.95 / month with annual commitment +$2.50 +$9 +$9
A full year of as many 45 minute trips as you want. Sign-up now. between 45-75 minutes between 75-105 minutes every additional 30 minutes after

Citi Bike membership is ideal for frequent Citi Bike riders. A membership is purchased online using a credit or debit card, and an account is created with Citi Bike. Every Citi Bike member will be mailed a unique key that is used to unlock bicycles from the docking system. We also offer special discount membership options for NYCHA residents and members of select community development credit unions.

Citi Bike Short-Term Memberships

24-Hours of rides 7-Days of rides Want more than 30 minutes per trip?
$9.95 $25 +$4 +$9 +$12
Includes as many 30 minute trips as you want. between 30-60 minutes between 60-90 minutes every additional 30 minutes after that

24-Hour and 7-Day Access Passes are available at any Citi Bike station kiosk using a credit or debit card. When you buy a pass at a station you will receive a ride code to unlock a bicycle and begin a trip. Ride codes are good for only one trip. For subsequent trips, swipe your card at a kiosk to receive a new code at no extra cost.

Corporate and Group Sales

Are you a business or a non-profit looking to purchase multiple Citi Bike memberships? Click here.

Citi Bike Gift Certificates

Want to give the gift of Citi Bike? Visit our gift store.

Longer Term Rentals

If you would like to use a bike for an extended period of time, we encourage you to rent a bike at a local bike shop or rental business. Please visit our list of local bike shops and rental businesses on our Resources page.