System Data

Where do Citi Bikers ride? When do they ride? How far do they go? Which stations are most popular? What days of the week are most rides taken on? We've heard all of these questions and more from you, and we're happy to provide the data to help you discover the answers to these questions and more. We invite developers, engineers, statisticians, artists, academics and other interested members of the public to use the data we provide for analysis, development, visualization and whatever else moves you.

This data is provided according to the NYCBS Data Use Policy.

Citi Bike Trip Histories

We publish downloadable files of Citi Bike trip data. The data includes:

  • Trip Duration (seconds)
  • Start Time and Date
  • Stop Time and Date
  • Start Station Name
  • End Station Name
  • Station ID
  • Station Lat/Long
  • Bike ID
  • User Type (Customer = 24-hour pass or 3-day pass user; Subscriber = Annual Member)
  • Gender (Zero=unknown; 1=male; 2=female)
  • Year of Birth

This data has been processed to remove trips that are taken by staff as they service and inspect the system, trips that are taken to/from any of our “test” stations (which we were using more in June and July 2013), and any trips that were below 60 seconds in length (potentially false starts or users trying to re-dock a bike to ensure it's secure).

Download Citi Bike trip history data

Citi Bike Daily Ridership and Membership Data

Explore Citi Bike daily ridership and membership data from January 2013 onwards. Click on the link at the bottom right of the graph to download the data as a csv file.

Here are data sets for previous quarters:

Data notes:

  • Trip count and milage estimates include trips with a duration of greater than one minute.
  • Milage estimates are calculated using an assumed speed of 7.456 miles per hour, up to two hours. Trips over two hours max-out at 14.9 miles. Once you opt into Ride Insights, the Citi Bike app will use your phone's location to record the route you take between your starting and ending Citi Bike station to give exact mileage.
  • We only include trips that begin at publicly available stations (thereby excluding trips that originate at our depots for rebalancing or maintenance purposes).

Real-Time Data

Citi Bike publishes real-time system data in General Bikeshare Feed Specification format. Get the GBFS feed here.

Monthly Operating Reports

View the monthly operating reports that we provide to the NYC Department of Transportation.

Additional Resources

  • The City of New York's bicycling data
  • A group of software developers and data explorers working with data feeds from NYC's Bike Share system and other bike data maintain this Google Group (note: Citi Bike is not responsible for this group – it is run and maintained by a group of interested private citizens)