Day Passes

Short-term passes are perfect for tourists and visitors. Explore New York like never before – on two wheels!

Citi Bike is a fun way to get around NYC. Use it to get to local attractions, or take a bike out for a ride around Central Park or the Hudson River Greenway.

Short-Term Pass Options

Pass TypeCost
Day Pass (24 hours of Citi Bike access)$12
3-Day Pass (72 hours of Citi Bike access)$24

Passes include unlimited 30-minute rides on a classic Citi Bike. See the extra time fees for longer rides.

How to Buy a Pass

Passes can also be purchased at any Citi Bike station kiosk. Find a nearby station on the System Map, then follow these kiosk instructions to buy a pass and unlock a bike.

Extra Time Fees

The first 30 minutes of each ride on a classic Citi Bike are included in the pass price. If you keep a bike out for longer than 30 minutes at a time, regardless of the type, it's an extra $4 for each additional 15 minutes.

To avoid extra time fees, keep your rides to 30 minutes each. Take as many rides as you want while your pass is active!

If you incur any extra time fees, your card will be charged. The fee for a lost or stolen bike is $1200 (+ tax).