Get the crew together for a Group Ride

Riding Citi Bike with friends has never been easier.

Meet Citi Bike Group Ride! This members-only feature makes riding with friends easier than ever before. In one fell swoop, Annual Members can purchase up to four 45-minute Single Trips for just $3 each directly from the Citi Bike app. Just a few taps and your crew will be ready to ride!

Here's how:
  1. Open the Citi Bike app and tap the Group Ride icon on the map.

  2. Select the number of guests, the station you want to rent from and tap "Purchase".
  3. Tap "Unlock Bikes" and enter the first code to unlock your own bike.

  4. Share the next code with your friends to unlock their bikes (they’ll all use the same code).

  5. Happy riding!